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Triangle residents have always known this region is a fabulous place! Now, it seems, the nation is taking notice too!

For the past few years, many of our local cities have been named Best Places to Live, Best Places to Raise a Family, Best City for Small Business and the list goes on.

Below is some Triangle Info & Awards information, links and awards for the Triangle area, Raleigh, Durham and Cary.

2015 Awards  

  • Happiest Cities in America via Today – Raleigh is #3
  • Raleigh #8 – Ten Cities that are Magnets for Millennials via Bloomberg
  • Financial Times – Raleigh tops “American Cities of the Future” list
  • Raleigh one of Top 10 Cities for First-Time Homebuyers via Smart Asset.
  • Forbes – Raleigh is 4th fastest-growing city in United States

2014 Awards  

  • Forbes – Raleigh #2 Most Educated City in America
  • Forbes – Raleigh one of Top Places to Raise Family
  • – Cary NC and Apex, NC both noted as 10 of the Safest Suburbs in America
  • Google Fiber chooses Raleigh-Durham as expansion area for fastest broadband.

2013 Awards

  • Google named Cary, North Caroline one of the top “2013 eCities of America”.  Google notes that Cary is tucked away within North Carolina’s Research Triangle of universities.  It’s small business community uses the web to connect students, faculty and lifelong residents with its shops, restaurants and events.
  • Money Magazine awarded Apex, North Carolina ranked #9 Best Place to live in America.  Money Magazine noted that residents enjoy the shopping, socializing in Apex’s historic downtown as well growth in parks, recreation and residential building in 2013.
  • Triangle Business Journal noted that the Raleigh  North Carolina market is one of the top 14 markets in the United States to survive the recession better than most other areas.
  • Forbes Magazine listed Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina as the top #5 America’s New  Tech Hot Spots.  The Raleigh, Cary, Durham area continues to be a top nod from Forbes Magazine each year.

2012 Awards

  • #3 Best Place to Work in US: SAS – CNN Money – SAS has been named #3 Best Company to Work For in the United States by CNN Money.  Some of the amazing benefits of working at SAS:  Subsidized Montessori child care, Unlimited sick time, Intramural sports leagues, Free health care center and More!  If you have never been to the gorgeous SAS headquarters you will want to visit:  100 SAS Campus Drive, Cary, NC  27513
  • #2 Best City to Live for Young Adults: Forbes Magazine I saw this article this morning from Forbes Magazine and was encouraged by additional recognition of the amazing assets that RaleighDurham and Chapel Hill area offer people of all ages, in this article, specifically Young Adults.  M.S.A.: Raleigh-Cary, N.C. Average Annual Job Growth (2010-2012), 2% Median salary: $51,500, Cost-of-living index (U.S. average is 100): 104.4, Percent of pop. with college degrees: 42.2%, 1 small business for every 49 residents, 1 large business for every 770 residents…more!
  • Raleigh #1 Place for Real Estate: Inman Real Estate News:  Despite a steep drop in sales, the Raleigh-Cary market saw considerable price appreciation last year, with its median sales price for single-family homes jumping 7.3 percent from third-quarter 2010 to third-quarter 2011.At $224,300, the Raleigh-Cary metro had the highest median sales price among the 10 markets on this list and was the only market with a median sales price above the U.S. median. Nonetheless, its affordability rate stayed above the national level, with 73.6 percent of its homes affordable to households earning the area’s median income, according to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index.
  • #8 Top Place to invest by Inman News.  Inman News noted that the Raleigh NC market is one of the most stable markets with an increase in sale activity and purchasing in 2012.  

2011 Awards

  • #2 World’s Best Multinational Workplace:  SAS (Cary, NC) SAS secured the No. 2 spot on the elite “Top 25 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” inaugural list from Great Place to Work®. SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, was highlighted among the best for health care, child care and work-life balance. SAS CEO Jim Goodnight said, “While we are delighted to receive this recognition, as a business leader I am most honored to know that the ranking is based on the feedback of our own employees around the world. We simply try to trust and respect people. Everything we do grows out of that philosophy. The real reward is what employees give back to the company and our customers.”
  •  #1 Best Places for Business and Careers – Forbes Magazine – July 2011 Forbes Magazine notes that: Raleigh is known as the “City of Oaks” for its many oak trees. The capital city is part of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, one of the country’s largest and most successful research parks and a major center in the U.S. for high-tech and biotech research. The surrounding area is home to a number of colleges and universities including Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University. These schools have a notable economic impact on the area. The North Carolina Museum of Art, occupying a large suburban campus on Blue Ridge Road near the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, maintains one of the premier public art collections located between Washington, D.C., and Atlanta
  • Raleigh Number Two on Forbes List for Best Cities for Young Professionals and Next Big Boom Town – July 2011 The presence of well-educated students from around the country points to both a concentration of talent, and a strong network of career-minded young people.
  • Nation’s Most Sustainable Mid-Size Community — April 2011The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lauded Raleigh with its 2011 Siemens Sustainable Community award for “a range of factors including its commitment to developing a ‘green economy.”‘ Specifically cited was the City of Raleigh’s work-force development program to retrain workers with the sills needed to make them more employable in the green economy. Also noted was Raleigh’s leadership in creating the blueprint for infrastructure to accommodate plug-in electric vehicles. Raleigh won the award for mid-sized communities: population range 50,000 to 500,000.
  • America’s Third Cleanest City — March 2011: ranked Raleigh as America’s third Cleanest City. The survey explored the environmental health of the United States’ 80 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Raleigh claimed the top spot nationally for water quality.
  • Least Residentially Segregated — February 2011: Data released from the Census Bureau concludes that Raleigh-Durham is among the nation’s least residentially segregated metropolitan areas. Social scientists consider a rating of less than 50 to be the moderate range. Raleigh-Durham posted 43.5 in measuring black-white segregation, the third lowest score among America’s 50 most populous areas. Only the Las Vegas, Nev.-Ariz., area at 43.2, and the Charleston-North Charleston, S.C., area at 41.8 posted lower black-white segregation rates than the Triangle. The survey data was collected Jan. 1, 2005 through Dec. 31, 2009.
  • Triangle Area Attracts Brains — February 2011: The Triangle is the nation’s number two brain magnet, according to Forbes magazine. Forbes found that Raleigh-Durham rates way up there in terms of the number of college graduates gained in recent years, when compared to the region’s population age 25 and older. The top brain magnet, according to Forbes, was the New Orleans area which has rapidly gained college graduates as professionals return to the city depopulated by Hurricane Katrina. Forbes said that college graduates are increasingly looking for affordable, suburban environments where they can find a job.
  • Front of Line Among U.S. Technology Hubs — January 2011: Newsweek placed Raleigh-Durham at the front of the line among U.S. technology hubs in a feature entitled, “Greetings from Recoveryland,” which lists the 10 American cities it evaluated as best situated for economic recovery. The article reads, “The population of Raleigh-Durham grew faster than any major U.S. metropolitan area during the recession, and the city ranked third on Newsweek’s list in terms of job growth over the last decade.”

2010 Awards

  • Raleigh Top places live in 2010 by
  • Seventh Best-Performing City — November 2010: The Raleigh-Cary area placed seventh on the Milken Institute’s Best Performing Cities Index. The California-based think tank relies heavily on high-tech industry data in formulating its index, insisting that technology is the crucial ingredient for future growth.
  • Tops in Home Prices Appreciating — October 2010: Forbes Magazine commissioned real estate research firm, Local Market Monitor, to find the areas in the nation that have the greatest likelihood of residential real estate price appreciation. The sole metric used to determine the leaders was a mix of jobs and growth industries in the area. The survey placed the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area as the tops in the nation to have home prices appreciate the most and the quickest. Three of the remaining nine areas in the projected top 10 are in Texas. No other North Carolina metropolitan areas make the cut.
  • Third-Best Place for College Students to Live — September 2010: The American Institute for Economic Research named the Raleigh-Cary metro area the third best place in the country for college students to live.

2009 Awards

  • A BizJournals study finds Raleigh the best place to launch a new business. BizJournals used a six-part formula to analyze the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, searching for the places that are most conducive to the creation and development of small businesses. Raleigh was the only market to rank among the top 10 in four key categories: growth rates for small businesses and population and one- and five-years increases in employment. — February 2009
  • Forbes: Wired City ranked Raleigh the third most wired city. — January 2009

2008 Awards

  • Men’s Health magazine ranked Raleigh the most politically engaged city in America. The rankings were based on percentages of active registered voters, ballots counted, percentage of income donated in the current presidential election, campaign spending, votes cast in the 2008 primary and votes cast in recent elections for governor and senate. — Men’s Health magazine, September 2008
  • Milken Institute: A Best Performing City The Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area is ranked number two in the nation’s “Top 100 Best Performing Cities” in an annual economic performance index released by Milken Institute/Greenstreet Real Estate partners. The annual study ranks metropolitan areas by how well they are creating and sustaining jobs and economic growth. The Raleigh-Cary area rose from number 10 in 2007. — September 2008
  • MSNBC: America’s Best City ranks Raleigh America’s best city. “Raleigh, N.C., it seems, is the best place to be in the U.S. right now. It ranks No. 1 in Forbes’ 2008 list and was also top in 2007 – consistent placement among these lists is truly rare. It ranks No. 2 in Kiplinger’s list this year. The city is also Fortune Small Business magazine’s No. 20 place to live and launch.” — June 2008
  • Kiplinger’s: A Top Urban Area Kiplinger’s Personal Finance names the Triangle the second best urban area in the U.S. It highlighted undeniable date: population growth since 2000 of 19.9 percent; percentage of the work force in the creative class, 36.1 percent; cost of living index, 99 with 100 being the national average; median household income of $56,150; and income growth of 10.3 percent since 200. This ranking dubbed Houston the best in America and Omaha, Neb., the third best. — July 2008
  • Forbes: Recession-Proof Local Economy Forbes magazine ranks the Triangle’s economy as fifth on a list of 10 recession-proof local economies. — May 2008
  • A study conducted by American City Business Journals ranked the Raleigh-Durham market as the best in the nation for young adults, defined as ages 20 to 34. The study examined 10 factors, including growth rates of employment and per capita income, unemployment, percentage of people holding bachelor’s degrees and median rent in the nation’s 67 largest metropolitan areas. Austin was ranked second, Washington, D.C., third. Charlotte placed seventh. — May 2008
  • Raleigh’s growing tech industry, support of entrepreneurs and the $2.5 billion renaissance downtown place the Capital City at No. 20 in Fortune’s “Best Places to Live and Launch.” — May 2008
  • Raleigh is named The Best American City for Singles” in Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine. — January 2008


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