Prepare your home to sell.


Storage Areas

  • Clean out closets, pantries and storage areas so they look uncluttered, neat and organized
  • This includes linen closet, attic, basement and crawl space, Walls, Floors and Doors

Walls, Floors and Doors Should Be Clean

  • Touch up paint where necessary
  • Carpeting should be steam cleaned if not cleaned within the last two years

Windows and Light Fixtures

  • Clean windows
  • Dust window sills, woodwork and blinds
  • Clean light fixtures and bulbs
  • Buy extra bulbs


  • Clean countertops and fixtures
  • Polish faucets, clean sinks and commodes
  • Clean tiles and replace any missing grout

Kitchens and Laundry Rooms

  • Clean clutter off counter tops
  • Straighten cupboards so they are neat and organized
  • Clean sinks, ovens, stove tops and refrigerators


  • Sweep out spider webs
  • Garages and/or sheds neat with all tools neatly stored and organized
  • Please do not store garbage cans in garage
  • Shrubs trimmed
  • Flower beds weeded and dressed with mulch or pine straw
  • Lawn mowed on regular basis
  • Leaves raked
  • Check doorbell

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