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You have come to the right place! Bookmark this site as your one-stop information source.

There’s so much information to offer you about moving to the Triangle, I hardly know where to start… One of the most significant benefits of using my services is that I know the ENTIRE Triangle area, not just one area. You may read about different suburbs or hear from someone that Cary or Chapel Hill is the “best” place to live, but you need to find out for yourself. Many agents only work Raleigh or Durham, but I can help you find a home in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and several other towns in and around the Triangle. I can provide you an unbiased look at all the areas and help you make the decision on which ones suit your personality and needs.

Once you talk to me and we understand what you’re looking for, I can provide detailed information about homes that match your needs including color photographs! I will give you comments about these properties – much better than having you do a search and wondering why that one house “seems” like such a good value for the money. Or, finding a house on one of the websites to discover it’s already sold!

Here’s just a few of the things you might like to know:

Are schools important to you?

I can tell you which districts rank best in the area.

Is commute time important to you?

I can help estimate commute time based on location and time of day you plan to travel

Is getting a large lot important?

I can tell you which areas have larger lots

Do you want to be close to a golf course?

We can focus our search on several golf course communities in the area

Would you like to walk to shopping?

I can help you find the best urban properties.

Do you plan to go to the lake every weekend in the summer?

I can show you which properties suit your lifestyle during the week and on the weekends!

Do you travel for business?

I can help you decide on a neighborhood that is convenient to the airport and has the space you need.

I can help you with buying new construction also. Remember that the real estate agent working for the builder represents the builder, not you. I can represent your best interests and give you information about building practices in the area, which areas are going to have good resale value, and what builder options are worth considering. You might ask what is the zoning on parcels of land adjacent to this neighborhood. How do you find this information? I can answer these questions and help you decide if a new home is the right choice for you.

Email me with any questions and if I don’t know the answer, I can help find the answer for you.


Investing in a property is a great idea if you are going to college in the Triangle. There are affordable properties close to North Carolina State University, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill or North Carolina Central University.

You can either choose to live by yourself, or you can live with roommates who will help pay your mortgage!! When you graduate, you can either continue to live in the property, rent it out for income, or sell it and use your equity to buy another home. If your parents are going to provide housing allowance for rent, they can invest in a property that you will live in that will help pay for your college education. It’s a win-win situation.

Be your own landlord instead of dealing with increasing rent and headaches every year!

I can help you find a property based on the number of bedrooms, whether it is on the busline to school and proximity to campus – some neighborhoods have pool and tennis which are desirable. Townhomes and condominiums are often a good choice because you are not responsible for exterior maintenance.


The Triangle is a fantastic place to retire. Here’s just a brief list of the reasons:

  • Nationally recognized medical facilities (Duke, VA, Wake Med, UNC)
  • University Lifelong Educational Programs
  • Senior Groups in several cities
  • Many golf courses (both public and private)
  • Local Theatre Groups
  • Musical Groups – NC Symphony, Raleigh Symphony, Durham Symphony
  • NC Museum of Art in Raleigh
  • Nationally recognized restaurants
  • Cary Transportation
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Housing choices include condominiums, townhouses, cluster homes and single family homes. Some condominiums have elevators and many townhouses and houses are on one level.

I can help you find the area and property that are best for your particular needs and interests. Contact me with any questions you have regarding your housing options.

‘Being new to the area it was great to have an advocate like Amy on our side. She is an expert in the market and her knowledge expands beyond real estate!’ ~ Chris and Asia M. , 2014

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