Homebuying Myths

I recently read an amazing article about homebuying myths from, Annalisa Burgos, senior editor with HGTV’s Frontdoor.com, wrote an article called “6 Myths of Homebuying.” I like the article very much, and I wanted to share some of those myths with you via my video blog.

Myth #1: The Perfect Home is Out There

Myth #2: The House Has to Speak to You

Myth #3: The Listing Information is Accurate

Myth #4: Buy as Much House as You can Afford

Myth #5: You Paid Too Much

Myth #6: The Property Value Will Increase

‘All of your advice regarding maintenance and staging before listing was spot on. I’m certain the money we invested in staging and maintenance was returned in the sales price. Your knowledge, experience, and professionalism were invaluable in the purchase process. The seller should be very grateful that you were representing us. I’m certain the appraisal and inspection report would have delayed closing if not for your negotiations.’ ~ Rita and Nick, 2015

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