Meet the Team

Meet Helen

Helen Miller is the team’s client care coordinator. She handles much of the “behind the scenes” operations such as maintaining the database and helping me keep in touch with you after you buy or sell your home. If you wonder where I found such a “gem” – Helen is also my mother-in-law so I asked her to help me after she retired from her career working for the State of North Carolina. Helen continues to volunteer for Amy but is enjoying being retired.

“I have lived in North Carolina all my life. My husband and I live on a farm just outside of Hillsborough, a small town just west of Durham. It is growing fast just like many other areas in North Carolina, but Hillsborough has retained it’s charm and history. I am pleased to be able to contribute to real estate here by helping Amy.

I worked over 40 years for the NC Cooperative Extension Service in Orange County. My experience comes in handy as client care coordinator with one of my favorite projects. I am in charge of the newsletter which includes gardening tips. I have discovered that many people either are not familiar with the plants in this region or have not owned a home before, so they don’t know what to do with them!

The seasonal tips will help keep you informed on planting seasons and what plants grow well here. Perhaps this is something you didn’t even think about – a real estate team giving you gardening tips!

Even though we may not meet in person, I am here to help and will do my part in contributing to make your experience truly pleasant, both before and after you buy or sell!”~ Helen

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is the newest member of the team.  Rebecca brings years of administrative and executive experience to the team.  Rebecca organizes Amy’s ReMax United office files and office procedures.  Rebecca’s ability to manage the office and Amy’s open files seamlessly, allows Amy to truly serve her clients face to face, knowing that the office is being maintained.  Rebecca lives in Cary with her husband and two children.  “I am very excited to be part of Amy’s team!”

~ Rebecca


Meet Margo

As your Closing Specialist, I will help you with all of the details once your offer has been accepted, until your closing celebration day.

I have experience in all facets of real estate.  I am a licensed real estate agent, I held my mortgage brokers license for a number of years and I have construction experience dating back to 1986.

~ Margo


Meet Angel

Angel of handles the social media marketing for Amy Shair.   “Amy is one of the few agents who really gives it to you straight.   That is very refreshing in today’s real estate arena!”

~ Angel



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