North Carolina Annual Property Tax Bills: Wake, Durham and Orange County

I have been asked by many clients about the annual North Carolina Property Tax Bills.

The state of North Carolina issues property tax bills on an annual basis.  Often the bills are mailed out to Taxpayers at the end of July or August each year.

Here is some information by county:

Durham County:  Durham County mailed out their 2012 Property Tax Bills at the end of July.  Taxes must be paid on or before January 7, 2013 to avoid interest and additional collection costs. You can search for your Durham County tax bill.  Durham County also offers an option to pay your tax bill in person, by credit card or online.

Orange CountyOrange County will have their property tax bills delivered by mid August 2012 Tax Bills.  Taxpayers may pay their property tax bill by cash, check or money order, credit card or personal online banking.  Please Note:  In 2010, Orange County updated their bill numbers, so you may need to search by property address if you don’t have your old account number.

Wake CountyWake County mailed out their 2012 Property Tax Bills at the end of July.  Taxpayers may pay their property tax bills by mail, personal online banking or by telephone via Visa or Mastercard.

  • Please Note:  Mortgage companies are not automatically sent copies of tax bills, if your mortgage lender is paying your taxes from an escrow account.  The majority of lenders electronically access and retrieve tax data directly fromWakeCounty, eliminating the need for a paper copy of the bill.

Even if your mortgage company pays your annual property taxes through an escrow account, it is always good to keep review your tax information online to ensure that payment has been made.

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