New Home Fireplace Trend

Everyone likes sitting next to a roaring fire in the wintertime, hearing the crackling of the logs and smelling the wood.

So whether it’s a natural gas fireplace, fireplace with gas that is ventless, or a corner electric fireplace, they all encourage the same type of feelings.

The fireplace mantle is the focal point of many family rooms, holding family photos and Christmas stockings.  Fireplaces are associated with happy memories. Builders have decided that buyers should choose whether a fireplace comes with their new homes.

Details:  Here is a list buyers provided of reasons for not including a fireplace in their new homes:

1) Gas log fireplaces are not romantic

2) People do not want to deal with getting real wood for a wood burning fireplace

3) Some new fireplaces do little to heat the house

4) Fireplaces make it hard to arrange furniture

5) Buyers do not want to pay the thousands of dollars for a fireplace

Remember Resale:  For resale, a fireplace is now a neutral factor. So if you are looking to purchase a home think about whether having a fireplace is important to you.

How about you? Is a fireplace important to you and your family?

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