Multiple Offers on a House for Sellers

In my last blog I discussed how many multiple offers we have had in the Triangle area real estate market in the first quarter of 2012. For Buyers, there are some some ways that help make their offer more appealing to the Seller.

Sellers have it so easy with multiple offers, right? Not necessarily.

Sometimes the offers are so similar it is hard to determine which offer really is the best.

Here is a list of questions I get asked when they have multiple offers:

1) How much above the asking price can we get?
2) What if one offer is paying cash but not offering the most money?
3) Are any of the offers contingent on the buyer closing on another house they own?
4) If we wait another day or two will we get more offers?

An experienced agent can help the sellers through this process. Negotiating an offer is just the beginning of the process.

How About You?  Have you experienced multiple offers as a Seller?

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